Evil Eye

What Is It & How To Protect Yourself

Evil Eye is said to be a curse over people who envy you. It can be as simple as walking down the street and someone is jealous over how good you look. This jealousy can bring about negative thoughts to you, make you doubt yourself, cause nightmares etc..

Let's say a beautiful girl walks down the street and someone compliments her hair, right? But the next week or month that beautiful girl noticed her hair is starting to fall out. That's weird she thinks but what can happen is that girl who complimented her had negative thoughts of jealousy over the beautiful girl. Becuase of this jealousy, this caused the beautiful girl to lose hair. Sounds sketchy I know but look it up on examples. People think that witchcraft is done with candles and chanting but what they dont know is jealousy and envy can cause more harm to people. Crazy right?

This mostly happens among family members and friends, we probably send evil eye to each other without even realizing it. For example, when your big brother got a bonus check for $10,000 and blew it all on vacation while you were struggling to survive. Would that cause envy, hate, or jealousy? Yessir! How about when your parents favor your sister over you? Have a brother who has it all together, the house, the car, the girl? These are just some examples.

What does the Bible say about jealousy? It reads "For jealousy is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance." -Proverbs 6:34 Also it reads "A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones." -Proverbs 14:30 No matter if you believe in the Bible or not, when it says dont do something it is for a good reason. This stuff is real and can cause harm to others. Be mindful on the thoughts you send out.

Common Symptoms

Common symptoms of someone sending you evil eye are having negative thoughts that aren't yours. Nightmares. Losing hair. Getting strange illnesses, Unexplained rashes. Always doubting yourself. Self sabotageing yourself. Putting yourself last. Bad luck.

How Can I Protect Myself?

Luckily protection is easy. Can pray for protection daily against evil eye. Can also just wear a talisman with you. I have one for my desk, office, all over house, and car. I noticed a night and day difference after caring a nazar amulet. They also make hamsa that represents an eye in a palm. For several years I always doubted myself, had negative thoughts and so much anger, I am so grateful in learning about Evil Eye and protecting myself. I no longer have to deal with the negative affects of it. I hope you share this knowledge with friends and family so they too can live life more calm and peaceful.

You can buy either one pretty much anywhere. I actually make Evil Eye Vinyl Stickers you can put on anything such as car, computer, windows, etc.. Get yours on my Etsy shop here.