Case Studies

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The number 855

I always see 855 whenever there is big amount of money coming in. Such as my tax return. I'll usually see this number the day of receiving money in my bank. God is talking to us through numbers and synchronicities. It is like a heads up before it shows up. I receive this number often right before getting paid in my bank. -Jonathan

The number 8

I've noticed not all the time but usually when you have unexpected check in the mail or receive a direct deposit in your bank, it is done on the 8 day. I received unexpected payment from Google Play Store on February 26, 2+6=8. There were a few class action lawsuits in 2023 where I received payments via Venmo on 8 days as well. -Jonathan

The number 28

GG33 talks about the number 28 and how people that are born on the day, 28 receive money when they need it. Fortunately I am one of those individuals who was born on a 28 and can say that statement is true. There is several occasions where I receive money when I need it. Like there were times where I should of been homeless but for some unexplanable reason I have always been able to pay my bills. It feels as if someone is watching over me and just at the last possible moment cha'ching! A miracle happens. It is a blessing I am grateful to have. I do not understand what this is all about but I am not complaining either. -Jonathan

Ox Unlucky Color Blue

The Ox has an unlucky color of blue. A couple years back I purchased a used 2014 Subaru WRX with a manual transmission (gotta have a manual for all my cars) that happened to be blue. The color looked amazing and that turbo was a blast. However, since I got that car, I immediatly ran into issue after issue. First the black plastic under and over the front wheels flew off while driving on the highway! This happened 3 different times. Yes, I went back to pick it up. The bumper wasn't aligned properly. It was too low so the exhaust was getting scraped while I was entering shopping parking lots. There was some wire issues going on when I put it in reverse where the car would just shut off. To get it to start I had to unplug battery and put terminal back on. Then to top it all off, 3 mice got into the car and caused all kinds of damage. Two of them were caught by my dog and the other one I think was still in the dashboard. I heard something move while driving on the highway. I didn't want to wait to find out or start smelling it so I had to do something fast. Luckily I was able to sell it but still what a nightmare that car was. Was that all because of the color of the car? I've owned several japanese and domestic cars and never had anything happen like this before. This was also my first blue car I owned. Never again will I buy a blue car. -Jonathan

Ox using Pig Bank

If your an Ox, dealing with a pig can either go bad or good. I banked with PenFed Credit Union which was founded in 1935 (pig year). I had several years of good service but has been running into errors lately. Issues using the debit card, they shut down local branches. They wouldn't approve loans. They lowered the amount of cash they accept via ATM's and cashing checks using their app. Was that because of the pig or just coincidences? -Jonathan